Image-based Operators

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Image-based Operators

Postby thirstyhank » 01 Dec 2021, 10:31

Is it possible to create an operator that uses the luminosity of the image loaded when a brush is in 'image-based' mode?

I would love to be able to tie a brush's size, opacity, direction etc. to the image source used.

You could have four versions, one for luminosity an one for each RGB channel. If the source image is a different size than the canvas perhaps it could start at one corner or the center.

Thanks for the great software! Apologies if there's an existing way to do this or it's been suggested already.

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Re: Image-based Operators

Postby u2bleank » 07 Sep 2023, 14:34

Hi thirstyhank ,

Thank you for your great idea. Unfortunately, it's not possible with the current version of Black Ink. However, we are actively working on a brand-new brush engine that will incorporate Layer Editor Node-based editing. This is something that will be possible in the future.

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