"Blending Effect"

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"Blending Effect"

Postby tonimarino » 10 Dec 2014, 03:56

Hey people, how are you?
I'm new to Black Ink, and I practicing but it seems that I reached a brickwall.

I have to say that I'm the kind of guy that couldn't draw anything better than stick figures all my life, and, despite being that way, I'm proud to say that I've made quite a progress. Lot of room to improve, but at least I know that I can learn how to draw hehe

So, for now I've been focusing in Black and White pictures because they are the only thing I can paint for now. I really like the Wet ink brush and that's pretty much the only one I feel familiar with. I have a though time painting colored things. The only way I can do is using the wet ink brush, but usually it works better with shadows and clouds and so on. I wold like to know if you guys have any techinique for blending colors.

Whenever I try to paing something I cant make the colors to "mix" or to guive a feeling of continuity between tones, its like I have a green on one site and yellon on another and they never "mix", like, everthing is always continuous.

So, is there anyway to blend the colors a little bit?


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Re: "Blending Effect"

Postby bonnie » 15 Dec 2014, 11:24


We haven't blending effects for the moment but we will definitely have.
So I added your request in our suggestion list.
Nevertheless working with a big resolution and brush transparencies using layers and brush blending it's possible to have something which looks like them. For example I did it with my mermaid, for sure it's not handy but it's possible.
Be sure this feature will be in Black Ink, it is a prioritary feature.

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