Know your shortcuts!

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Know your shortcuts!

Postby ben-o » 09 Feb 2013, 18:00

Using the keyboard really helps enjoying Black Ink's display speed and create without constraint.
Here are the most useful ones:

And then there's the usual shortcuts which seem to be fairly universal accross software.

Ctrl+N --------------------------- New
Ctrl+Shift+N ------------------ New... (Creates pop-up and gives you control over canvas size and resolution)
Ctrl+O --------------------------- Open
Ctrl+S ---------------------------- Save (Save the current document)
Ctrl+Shift+S ------------------ Save As
Ctrl+F4 ------------------------ Quit

Ctrl+Z ---------------------------- Undo
Ctrl+Y ---------------------------- Redo

Ctrl+C ---------------------------- Copy
Ctrl+Shift+C ------------------ Copy Merged
Ctrl+X ---------------------------- Cut
Del ------------------------------------- Delete the active layer content
Ctrl+V ---------------------------- Paste

Esc --------------------------------------- Exit

To get back to a default view, hover the navigation icons in the main toolbar to reveal their options.

Hold Space--------------- Pan/Move around the canvas

Hold R ---------------------------- Rotate the canvas
Shift+R ------------------------- Snap rotation
Ctrl+R ---------------------------- Remove Rotation

Hold Q --------------------------- Zoom in and out
Ctrl+1 ---------------------------- Zoom to 100%
Ctrl+0 ---------------------------- Fit canvas to screen
+ -------------------------------------------- Zoom in (Step Zoom in)
- --------------------------------------------- Zoom out (Step Zoom Out)


F -------------------------------------------- Flip Horizontal (Drawing view is flipped horizontally)
Shift+F ------------------------- Flip Vertical (Drawing view is flipped vertically)

Y -------------------------------------------- Constant screen brush size (Brush size depends on view zoom level, it’s constant with it)


Hold S ---------------------------- Change the size of your brush moving the mouse or stylus
Hold Z ---------------------------- Set the drawing smoothness
Hold D --------------------------- Change the color opacity of your brush moving the mouse or stylus

1-5 --- --------------------------------- Switch between your favourite brushes
Hit B --------------------------------- Come back to your previous brush
Hold Shift------------------ Constrain your brush as straight line when you are drawing
K -------------------------------------------- Toggle Straight line mode
Y -------------------------------------------- Toggle view-constant brush size

Hit E ---------------------------------- Switch between the eraser/brush
Hold E --- ------------------------ Erase with the current brush.
Simply pressing and releasing will still activate the simple eraser and pressing again will get you back to your brush. That means that you can now erase with any brush you like!

Color Picker
Hold Alt ------------------------ Quickly pick a color (This works only when using the solid color mode)

Hit G ---------------------------------- Fill layer / selection
Ctrl+G ------------++--------------- Fill layer alpha
Ctrl+Alt+G-------------------- Fill transparency

Fill eyedropper
Alt+G --------------------------- Quickly pick a fill color


W --- ------------------------------------ Start selection
Ctrl+Shift+A------------------- Select Current Layer Opacity
Ctrl+A --------------------------- Select All
Ctrl+I ----------------------------- Invert selection
Ctrl+D --------------------------- Deselect
Shift+Draw-------------- Preserve Ratio 1:1 (Rectangle and ellipse selection only)

Shift+Draw------------- Set Add operation
Alt+Draw ------------------- Set Sub operation
Shift+Alt+Draw----------- Set Intersection Operation

Shift+Click --- -------- Add a point to the line (polygonal lasso only)
Shift+Click --- -------- Delete a point (polygonal lasso only)
Ctrl+T --------------------------- Transform latest selection


T ------------------------------------------ Transform gizmo
Hold Shift------------------ Constrain axis displacement and snap angle
Shift+C ------------------------- Crop Tool


H ------------------------------------------- Toggle user interface
Ctrl+← ------------------------- Left panel layout
Ctrl+↓ ---------------------------- Bottom panel layout
Ctrl+→ ------------------------- Right panel layout

C ------------------------------------------- Toggle brush control editor
L ------------------------------------------- Toggle layer manager
M ------------------------------------------ Toggle Brush Manager panel
U ------------------------------------------ Show secondary view panel
I -------------------------------------------- Show log view panel


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Re: Know your shortcuts!

Postby u2bleank » 16 Oct 2013, 16:13

updated !

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Re: Know your shortcuts!

Postby bonnie » 26 May 2015, 14:23


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Re: Know your shortcuts!

Postby rewaz » 21 Sep 2015, 09:26

Great info,they are helpful. thank you.
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