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Repositioning/composite method

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2013, 08:49
by jantomet
I tend to recomposit details & areas in my artwork when working in other 2D drawing programs. I do this by copying - then scaling, rotating & repositioning elements on layers. An interesting way I got this composting method working in Black Ink is:

1. Save your current artwork as a PNG, but keep it open in BI.
2. Pick a brush and load the saved PNG as an image color.
3. Reposition, scale & rotate the color-image to your liking.
4. Paint the repositioned elements back into your artwork on a new layer.
5. Optional use the erase brush to touch up your compositing.

If you keep your color-image placement matching your artwork, this method also doubles as cool way of blurring parts of your artwork.

Cheers :)

Re: Repositioning/composite method

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2013, 03:44
by mttorley
Love the blurring method- keeping that one in memory :)