Geometric assistance tools! Please <3

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Geometric assistance tools! Please <3

Postby malus » 06 Jan 2022, 07:26

Hey, I've had black ink for a REEEAALLY long time. Like, back when it first came out on steam. I'll admit I neglected the program for a while due to how limited it was back then and recently I got back into my digital art goals transcending pen and paper.

Most of my art is sigil based or geometric art deco and I would really really like to see a tool for creating the following effects!

Circle creation with snap and measurement
-freeform or perfect circles
-ability to copy previous shape and snap from center outwards or inwards
-compass tools

If I'm not entirely clear just ask away, it's mostly just the ability to create perfect spacing and lines/shapes/curves/circles

Also the ability to weld lines together using the angular tool would be great rather than cleaning the ends up by hand.

I really hope you see this! And thanks for all the years of updates, I love the program!


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