5 sugestions

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5 sugestions

Postby thiagaum » 04 Nov 2021, 16:41

1- locker for workspace [it will not allow to missclick and resize or take of the position - it occour a lot wih my secondary view when im drawing];
2- match zoom and pan: primary x secondary view [imagine that i use an image from referece to draw and put that on my secondary view, now imagine if i can lock that reference and everytime i zoom pan rotate invert my draw, my secondary view does the same. To be fair i only saw that feature on photoshop];
3- gridlines/ruler;
4-opacity control for layerstacks [control opacity of all layer stacked at once];
5- ESQ to quit selection [i spend 1 hour to understand how to diselect ¬¬, just put that on "esq"]

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