Review of the Top 3D Laser Levels Right Now

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Review of the Top 3D Laser Levels Right Now

Postby oakleystokes » 22 Aug 2020, 07:15

Review of the Top 3D Laser Levels Right Now

3D laser levels are unique in many ways. While your regular laser levels may come with very few lines of beams, some 3D laser levels can come with more than 3 lines, thus providing even greater coverage. A typical 3D professional laser level is packed with necessary accessories that will enhance your experience, boost visibility, and provide greater accuracy for your work. The following 3D laser levels are the top options you should consider right now;

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#1: Hilda Laser Level 12 Lines 3D Self-Leveling 360 Horizontal and Vertical Cross Super Powerful Green Laser Beam Line



12 lines of the laser beam.

8-13 hours of operation

220 Volts power

Vertical and horizontal lines

Accuracy of 2.5mm at 5 meters


Despite offering great services, this laser tool costs much less. Its fully charged battery can support up to 13 hours of operation even when all laser lines are working. The 12 laser lines with vertical and horizontal projection will ensure that all areas are covered when measuring or working.


It has a quite short laser range.

#2: DEKO DC Series 12 Lines 3D Green Laser Level Horizontal and Vertical Cross Lines with Auto Self-Leveling, Indoors and Outdoors


12 lines of laser lines.

505-532 nm wavelength.

Class 2 laser.

+ or – 4-degree self-leveling.

Green laser color.

20-30 m range.

3.6V Lithium-Ion.

Measures 150 x 80 x 115 mm in height, width, and length respectively.

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The 3.6 Lithium-Ion battery can support up to 15 hours of power when fully charged. Its green laser travels faster hence this could be one of your top rated laser levels if you are looking for greater visibility. The working range of this laser level is higher than most of its rivals, hence it is a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications. The 4-degree self-leveling range will ensure that the device self-levels even if it tilts by up to 4 degrees.


The laser level does not come with a lock feature for security.

#3: UNI-T 2 Lines LM570LD 3D Green Laser Level Mini Vertical Cross Beam Line Self Leveling Indoor-Outdoor Laser Leveler


Vertical and Horizontal laser lines

2 lines of the laser beam.

500nm – 540 nm wavelength.

Green color laser.

It measures 75.5 x 65 x 75 mm in height, width, and length respectively.


This is a pocket-size 3D laser level that can be as efficient as top self leveling laser levels out there. The pocket-size laser level is quite easy to carry around and transport from one work area to another.


This 3D laser level is built for indoor applications only.

The Image best laser level reviews at can give you more information on choosing your ideal laser levels for a specific purpose and at the best affordable prices. The 3D laser levels reviewed here are very affordable. Visit LaserLevelHub for more helpful guides.
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