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Windows 10 Creator Updates Workaround

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2017, 14:01
by u2bleank

Some users pointed us a problem with Black Ink since the latest Windows Creator Update like this post and this one
From what we understand there is a problem with the Window compositing when there's some transparency.
We will work to fix this issue for the next update but for now here the instruction to workaround:

Open the Config.xml file with a text editor (On Windows 7/Vista):

Note: If your "AppData" folder is hidden and doesn't appear in your user folder, simply enter "%appdata%" in any explorer window.

On Windows 7/Vista Steam :
C:\MySteamFolder\SteamApps\common\Black Ink Steam\Datas\Config.xml

On Windows 7/Vista Steam Demo :
C:\MySteamFolder\SteamApps\common\Black Ink Demo\Datas\Config.xml )

You should have something like that:

So change the entry IsFullscreen into true , Maximized into true and Composited into false and save the file


Then restart Black Ink!
Redo the same modification each time Black Ink isn't displayed when started.