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BlackInk 0.103.1393 is Out!

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2013, 15:38
by u2bleank
The Version 0.103.1393 is now available here

list of changes :

  • N! Brush Manager ( you can now save and manage your brushes )
  • N! Stroke Parameters ( stroke direction, stylet tilt, stylet azimuth(tilt orientation), canvas positions, view position )
  • N! 10 new default Brushes
  • N! Alt shortcut for quick Color Picking on the canvas
  • F! Black Ink sometimes doesn’t run on window 8 system
  • F! BlackInk sometimes doesn’t handle tablet pressure ( for some Wacom Bamboo & Non Wacom Tablet ).
  • F! BlackInk sometimes doesn’t handle tablet pointer position ( for Non Wacom Tablet ) ( see this topic )
  • F! BlackInk installer is now always in english even when installed on a non-english windows OS
  • F! Crash when selection a NULL type in MathFX node operator
  • F! Crash when the user Dblclick on color of the Gradient editor
  • F! Crash when the user change the current selected brush with a shortcut while he still Brushing
  • “Skip first shape” parameter added in the Flow Tab ( useful to remove the drawing of the first shape )


Black Ink v0.103.1393


Brush Manager Panel with default brushes


Stroke parameters used in the controller editor

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