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Black Ink 2020.3 is OUT

PostPosted: 15 Dec 2020, 18:09
by u2bleank
The Version Black Ink 2020.3 is out


List of changes :

N! Blur Operator

N! Directional Blur Operator

N! Gradient Map Operator

N! Gradient editor (Only available in the Gradient Map operator for now )

N! Color Overlay Operator

N! Color Mode Channel Operator

N! Color Posterization Operator

N! Color Select Operator

N! Drag & Drop of Images in the Layer editor create multiple layer

N! Create Layer From Image.. Command in the layer editor

N! User Interface preference where you can Save / Load different UI Layout


Improvement Better performance when brushing with Black Ink
Improvement If you only save a PNG/JPG the document in Black Ink isn’t considered saved anymore. So you will not lose all your work if you try to close Black Ink by mistake.
Improvement No more glitch when brushing with texture on a zoomed canvas
Improvement The operator is now created at the same position as displayed by the preview
Improvement The eyedropper can now pick color anywhere in the Black Ink user interface & can pick into OS child windows
Improvement The Mask operator selects the alpha channel by default.
Improvement Layer operator isn’t expanded by default
Improvement Color wheel is now left aligned


F! Startup crash on some AMD GPU
F! Multithread random crash
F! Random crash sometimes when merging layers in the Layer editor
F! Random freeze sometimes when merging image layers
F! Big slowdown in Black Ink when auto-saving a document is triggered
F! Crash sometimes when selecting "Background default Image" in brush preview.
F! Crash when using invalid parameters in an array in BSL
F! Random Crash when previewing brush eraser
F! Crash when using a grayscale image as a brush preview background
F! Keyboard states sometimes are irrelevant when the focus of the main window of Black Ink changed
F! Sometimes the "erase with current brush" shortcut gets stuck on the eraser, the cursor will still be red and the brush will still erase even though it is not holding the shortcut for it.
F! Freeze when typing in the search box of the Log panel
F! Sometimes Eyedropper return null color ( alpha at 0 )
F! The "overlay" node is creating liserets with the edges in some case
F! Sometimes the “Center on selection” command in the Layer Editor doesn't work as expected
F! Shortcuts “Save”, “Open”, “Save As..” works only when a CanvasView has the focus


A huge thanks for all our beta testers, patrons and all artists with your drawings or pictures illustrating this update!
D. Alex. Nixon
Cristina Cόrdova
Taran Fiddler
Claudine Ricart
Perceval Schopp

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Re: Black Ink 2020.3 is OUT

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2021, 14:10
by u2bleank
The Version Black Ink 2020.3 HOTFIX is out


List of fixes :

F! Black Ink doesn’t start with CPU that have more than 32 CORE detected
F! Crash at startup if the GPU provides several device
F! Crash when using the command/shortcut “Fill eyedropper”
F! When using the command “Duplicate as layer”, the content of this layer was still influenced by modifications made by its original operators.
F! Random crash after using the CropTool
F! Rendering problem with brushes: Canvas Fill, Free Fill and Polygonal Fill
F! Brush with dual primitive (like Charcoal) can miss the secondary texture when rendered
F! Crash when pasting in a Grayscale layer
F! When a RGBA image is dragged and dropped into a grayscale layer the layer is transformed into a RGBA layer.