Black Ink 2020.1 is available

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Black Ink 2020.1 is available

Postby u2bleank » 16 Jan 2020, 10:45

The Version Black Ink 2020.1 is out here

New version of Black Ink with several bug fixes and enhancements

List of changes :

N! 2 new commands in the Layer Editor
Merge Visible layers
Merge Layers / Merge Down


F! Crash sometimes when using the Straight line tool
F! Crash at startup when your tablet isn’t plugged in to your computer
F! Crash when searching in Preference Shortcut on a system using non latin character
F! Crash when double clicking on the Create Mask Icon of the Layer stack operator
F! The toggle Layer Editor button does nothing in the Main toolbar
F! Overlay, HardLight, SoftLight blending doesn’t behave like in Photoshop


E! Tooltip for the first 2 icons of the Layer stack has been added

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