Black Ink 0.345.2599 available

Announcements regarding release of BlackInk from Bleank
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Black Ink 0.345.2599 available

Postby u2bleank » 21 Jun 2017, 16:25

The Version 0.345.2599 is out here



List of changes :

N! Shortcut Customization
The user can now customize Black Ink shortcuts in the Preferences Panel > Keyboard


N! Default Brushes


  • Charcoal dual Texture
  • Charcoal dual texture lines 62px
  • Charcoal background pattern 40px
  • Ink droplet bicolor canvas fill
  • One Edge textured 24px
  • Felt pen textured 16px
  • Airbrush texture pattern 12px
  • Random color shift textured
  • Smudge Charcoal background pattern 40px
  • Smudge noise colored
  • Smudge expand colored 50px
  • Scribble Circles 20px

N! Texture resources are automatically reloaded if modified on disk

N! A rendering indicator shows if the canvas isn’t 100% accurate due to a background rendering process


F! Performance problems when using ReadBack brushes on big canvas
F! Black Ink Window wasn’t displayed on Windows 10 Creator Update ( see issue )
F! Crash when inverting the current selection
F! Crash when using the Merge All function
F! Crash when tried to crop with an active selection
F! Crash when trying to reload a corrupted BKD
F! ctrl+z(undo) doesn’t respond immediately after selecting color, different brush
F! some crashes when editing the source code of a BSL
F! some crashes due to a RAM usage overflow
F! entering a hexadecimal value in the color picker displayed the wrong corresponding color
F! Saving in wrong path when the target path contained a ‘.’
F! Black Ink main or Child window sometimes doesn’t resize/maximize correctly on multi-monitor system.

The Step brush exposes now parameters to generate the position of a second primitive
BSL with custom blending can now be used as an Eraser when using the idatas.eraser parameter
Autorecover files are now deleted only after 2 weeks ( see issue )

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Posts: 1184
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Re: Black Ink 0.345.2599 available

Postby u2bleank » 23 Jun 2017, 11:23

Version 0.346.2604 hot fix
F! the "Activate Black Ink" command is sometimes missing

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