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Bleank • View topic - Black Ink 0.301.2448 is out

Black Ink 0.301.2448 is out

Announcements regarding release of BlackInk from Bleank
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Re: Black Ink 0.301.2448 is out

Postby jaycephus » 27 Feb 2017, 18:20

u2bleank wrote:jaycephus :

sure all brush effect you describe is possible with the current version BUT you have to learn ( perhaps ) shader coding for that.
My advice ( if you want to ) is to start with more simple samples like varying the color of the brush.
See how the code is made with current default brushes pick a simple one and try to play with it :D

I am an industrial automation programmer (machine vision, industrial robots, etc. Lots of Pascal-type languages).

Would the best approach be to look at the blur code and the scatter-smudge code to come up with a child of the two? ;)

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Re: Black Ink 0.301.2448 is out

Postby u2bleank » 28 Feb 2017, 11:50

still the same advice. First try to familiarize with the language syntax with simple samples.
Then yes you can look at the Blur then the Scatter effect to mix them as you like ;)

Link to the language "Documentation"
Link to samples

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Re: Black Ink 0.301.2448 is out

Postby jaycephus » 04 Mar 2017, 02:36

u2bleank wrote:
The only thing I couldn't figure out is how to rearrange the brush order since the new brushes made it kind of messy.

You're right the only way is to use the search box..or the Favorite slots but it's not ideal :desperate:
We will do something for that

What I've been doing is having the main brush library open in the left pane on a tab, select to show just my saved/custom brushes, and then name some of them with '_' in front of brush name to put my current favorites at the top of the list. The 5 favorites are good too, but sometimes I have more than five of my own that I want quickly access.

I'm sure that eventually, my saved brushes will need better organizing, so hopefully you add some method.


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