Black Ink 0.205.1923 available

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Black Ink 0.205.1923 available

Postby u2bleank » 28 Jan 2015, 17:32

The Version 0.205.1923 is now available here


List of changes :

  • N! DirectX11 renderer when available
  • N! Hold Z shortcut: set the drawing smoothness
  • N! The Controller Editor can now be dragged out of Black Ink’s main window. More panels will have this behavior in future versions.
    This feature shows the new Stacking capacity for such windows in Black Ink. However, some controls/editors are fixed to their place to keep a consistent UI.
  • N! Ctrl+← shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window left panel
  • N! Ctrl+↓ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window bottom panel
  • N! Ctrl+→ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window right panel
  • N! M shortcut: Toggle Brush Manager panel ( for the moment this panel is fixed and can’t be dragged out )
  • N! Ctrl+T shortcut: Transform current selection
  • Improved Framerate when drawing.
  • Black Ink window can be resized by the dragging the top border
  • In the transform tool, after clicking a command button (like “flip horizontally”) the focus is not tied to this button anymore, so that pressing Enter validates the current transform.
  • You can now click on the brush and eraser icon in the top right part of Black Ink to directly select the last brush or the eraser ( same as B and E shortcut )
  • An option have been added in the Zoom tool to enable/disable zooming at more than 100%.
  • When using the Save command on a document which isn’t a BKD, the program automatically transforms the command into a Save As.
  • F! Sometimes when doing Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on big images, the copied content isn’t polluted with some invalids squares anymore.
  • F! The Color Blending mode doesn’t output blocky results when using dark color
  • F! Crash in trial version when saving when the trial time has expired ( issue )
  • F! Random crash after loading a BKD
  • F! Crash when importing a grayscale JPG
  • F! Several ( all ? ) random crashes when using the program
  • F! If the Selection or Transform properties are opened in the sidebar panel, clicking the "Show Brush manager" has effect ( issue )
  • F! When hovering the Selection and Transform tools, the popups can disappear under the cursor, and you can only get them back by moving the cursor out of the panel and back into it. ( issue )
  • F! With multiple monitor, the Black Ink Window is moved to another monitor when activating the application.

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Re: Black Ink 0.205.1923 available

Postby dennisusw » 29 Jan 2015, 21:16


I like the features of the new update - Multimonitor - support is a great extension. I am so exited for the upcoming versions of Black Inc. In my opinion, Black Inc can get one of the best digital painting software around. Keep up your awesome work. :up:


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