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Abstract Brush

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2013, 18:57
by voytek
Hello everyone!

Im working in the Black Ink for some time and Im very happy with it.
I would like to present a brush, which I use almost always while drawing abstractions.
I know that there is much more to discover ...

Best regards Voytek


Re: Abstract Brush

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2013, 19:50
by kingknop
Oh my god this looks so great thanks alot :amazed:

Re: Abstract Brush

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2013, 03:20
by maninmachine
So much fun! Love it!

Re: Abstract Brush

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2013, 08:58
by voytek
I'm glad you like it!

Re: Abstract Brush

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2020, 15:06
by baaadllama
My brush after downloading looks NOTHING like the tiny thumbnail.. other brushes look like they should.

i mainly get a " image file missing" and it loads a failed image-image... anyone have this brush as seen in the thumbnail? looks very interesting, thanks.

been tying to recreate it from light ribbon/fur/wet look, but alas, nothing good comes out from my tinkering, that should mimic that tiny pic. thanks again. :?