Pixel art brush, and pixel parameter

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Pixel art brush, and pixel parameter

Postby maximovink » 24 Aug 2020, 10:36

Hi, I'm trying to make a pixel art brush, but black ink is smoothing the line. How do I fix this? Brush thickness: 1px. And are you planning a pixel art feature, like in aseprite? For example a pixel perfect line would be great. I think the brush controller is missing the pixel control parameter.

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Re: Pixel art brush, and pixel parameter

Postby u2bleank » 31 Aug 2020, 10:35

it's not that easy because Black Ink always do Anti Aliasing whith primitives.
BUT some users used Controllers with the rectangle primitives to align each rectangle of your brush to mimic pixel art.
like this one

Try this brush for this kind of result ;)

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