Burning Angel

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Burning Angel

Postby corpus » 28 Jan 2014, 03:20

This is the latest picture I'v drawn. I'v been trying to learn how to paint fire and how the light would shine onto hard surfaces like armor and I got this idea of "what if a angel had fire for blood and was hurt- how would that look?" and tried to paint it. While the proportions are still not "right" and I most certainly could have used more time to paint some of the details, the wings and other parts- the thing I wanted to learn/try the most actually looks pretty cool I think. Black Ink is something of a blessing for me, since my head is always and constantly full of cool images I'v just never been able to put on paper.

If somebody here is religious (Im not...) this image is not intended to offend you.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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