My journey in learning to draw

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My journey in learning to draw

Postby synasenn » 21 Jan 2014, 12:18


Being able to draw has always appealed to me, yet I always lacked the motivation to actually push through the initial phase in which al my drawings suck. :)
When I saw Black Ink on steam, it seemed like a great tool to help me get started. I got my hand on an ebook teaching me to draw in 30 days/lessons and so far I have been at it for about two weeks, getting familiar with Black Ink as well.
Learning to draw with a tablet also seems a bit tricker then with pencil and paper, but so far I am liking my progress.

Thank you Bleank for such a great product!

I will start of with the very first assignment; draw a house, plane and donut in 2 minutes. Prepare to be horrified;

I will not post all of the results, but if you are interested, have a look at the gallery:

After lesson 3:

After lesson 5:

After lesson 7:

After lesson 8 (still think they suck, but didn't want to play with them anymore:

After lesson 9, yesterday.

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