I bought Black Ink Yesterday

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I bought Black Ink Yesterday

Postby gaoli » 10 Jan 2014, 11:58


After trying out the Black Ink demo over the holidays, I finally decided to buy the product off of Steam.
Before I used to use Pencil, and Gimp to draw, but due to lack of talent, the results are rather quesitonable at best:

(Just a heads up: I didn't know how to make the YouTube videos smaller, so they don't cram up the forum space, and the image thumbnails will forward you to directupload, where I uploaded the pictures to.)

I bought this drawing board used off of eBay, consisting out of a grey board, with a USB-cable, and a stylus. So, you draw on the board, but look at your screen. The board didn't work so well on the other two programs, but it works just fine on Black Ink. So, now, I can't blame the crappy looking outcomes on the computer anymore, but on my personal lack of skill.

After purchase yesterday, I firstly drew this:


Then I tried drawing a hedgehog, and Pikachu:


Finally, I decided maybe to do draw something that has already been drawn using the program.
So, I decided to base my next drawing on the cave from one of the demo drawings from Black Ink:


(This is the original:


which can be found here:

and I first saw it here:
http://store.steampowered.com/app/233680/ )

I like that you have 洋葱头 as a smiley here. :smile:

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