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Postby iwanthome » 11 Aug 2015, 18:41

my first post here ^^
i was messing around with circuit brush and ended doing this something-like-city-thing :D
the brush is fantastic :D

and i also notised that it act strange when we flip the view, at first i fought that i've done something bad to the brush :)
left no flip. right flip.

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Re: circuitcity

Postby ben-o » 14 Aug 2015, 16:34

Thanks for your feedback!
There was indeed something in this brush's controllers that was not working with the flips.

I updated the original file there and it should now work as expected

This was a very interesting thing to debug because the brush was created before we added the flip function and the controllers in it didn't take that into account.

The full explanation would be a bit complicated and will deserve a full article one day because it is interesting.
The short version is that the "Viewpos" block used as a position reference to snap the strokes at certain places doesn't give the information we need to apply an offset when the canvas is flipped. It had to be replaced by another reference that starts from the real position on the picture (and not on the screen like before) and then apply the change in the view.

We got to make a brush better! :yeah:

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