need more types to 'save as'

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need more types to 'save as'

Postby robinthewalrus » 28 Jun 2014, 19:04

I really would like to see some more types for saving like psd and pdf. BI doesnt have some important functions to be the #1 editor. So, as for me, I want to import file to Photoshop or SAI to correct drawings. Erm. Yes. Thx for attention. :pirate:

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Re: need more types to 'save as'

Postby u2bleank » 30 Jun 2014, 10:51

robinthewalrus : +1 for the PSD format but why PSD ?
Anyway the best interop/format is the .PNG ( you will not lose color precisions ).
And the only workaround to recover your layer stack for the moment is the export each layer one by one in .PNG :reyes:

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