Brush object gradient with 360 degree orientation

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Re: Brush object gradient with 360 degree orientation

Postby maninmachine » 12 Apr 2014, 16:19

You're both very kind. :)

I played with it some more, and wanted to share the shenanigans. All the related brushes are in the zip file. Most of them aren't shown in the picture below. Bi is too fun. :eek:

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Re: Brush object gradient with 360 degree orientation

Postby huckleseed » 13 Apr 2014, 07:00

Thanks again Maninmachine. While it is nice to have those brushes to use, the real value is in picking apart its components and seeing the strategy for their creation. I've been looking at how you used standard components of the controllers plugged into color and scatter to do something like, establish a repeating pattern of numbers. How using the direction [0..1] actually cycles through a parameter like hue properly, as opposed to direction. I'm guessing it is because direction uses a value I haven't quite figured out while direction [0..1] value ranges from 0 to 1, which is how the hue parameter is addressed rather than a 360 degree number, though actually direction looks like it returns a value between 0-100 that corresponds to the percentage that a color exists on the color picker bar. :?:
I wondered how you turned a square shape into a circular shape, then saw that you had a random rotation with the range set to 360 degrees and a shape interval of 0, so the spinning and the closeness of the of the objects merge to look like a circle, then the scatter controller scheme with its repeating pattern offsetting the location of the square being drawn at a regular interval.

Very nice work indeed. That kind of information is what will help me down the road. (And it took me hours to work out what that complex collection of controllers are doing)

I'll be posting a thread with resources I located that your brushes made me realize that I need :up:


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