Black Ink upcoming features

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Black Ink upcoming features

Postby ben-o » 07 Dec 2012, 15:06

Hi! Here is a list of what we have in the pipeline for Black Ink over the next few months. This list will constantly evolve with our priorities and your feedback so be sure to come back and check what new functionality you can expect next!

Important : The list is not sorted by release date or priority.

Continue to post your suggestions and ideas in the Suggestions thread !

See what have been implemented and improved in last versions here.

Under development:
(updated 2 august 2017)

  • More Layer progress

  • PSD import/export progress

  • OpenGL renderer progress

Coming after:

  • 4D (color) controllers nodes

  • Complex brush types (Polygonal, magnetic brush..)

  • Controller nodes which take value from User created parameters

  • Cursor display options

  • Improved controller editor with node parameters panel and copy/paste

  • Multibrushes

  • Shape Tool ( see this thread for more infos )

  • Stroke Modifier system. More infos..

  • Symmetry tools to duplicate and mirror the current stroke

  • Tile tools to loop your strokes over the edges of the picture

  • User created parameters for brushes to enable better control of complex Controller

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Re: Black Ink upcoming features

Postby hao » 12 Mar 2014, 12:08

Amazing!!! Can't wait... :desire:

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Re: Black Ink upcoming features

Postby hovernorman » 04 Jan 2015, 15:00

Thanks for the update. Hope to see more on this and will be sure to be here one in a while.
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Re: Black Ink upcoming features

Postby gomi » 05 May 2015, 19:07

Keep up the progress! I'm really looking forward to the next release. :desire:

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Re: Black Ink upcoming features

Postby kiramira » 13 Aug 2015, 15:10

Nice! Really like the looks of this. :smile:

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Re: Black Ink upcoming features

Postby neurolinked » 18 Aug 2017, 16:55

Complex brush types (Polygonal, magnetic brush..)

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