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Interface and PC accessibility and ergonomics

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2019, 18:38
by irvnriir
This is just in case of the current version, some of this can already be on the timeline .

1. Low text visibility

_ _ 1. With 15.[..] inch FHD (~130 DPI), font size is 1-3 units less than minimum (Increasing UI scale will increase size of buttons, so thats not a solution) .
_ _ 2. Low contrast with background, especially on pop-ups/tooltips ( high contrast can overweight the small size, but its better to increase the size too, at least on 1 (in case of really high contrast, otherwise 2-3) ) .

2. Brush control interface

_ _ Parameters' Groups (right bottom) are not rearrange-able and can't float, things like brush size and opacity/strength, palette and some other, should be always on screen (they may need changing while drawing and changing other case-specific parameters) .

_ _ The best solution could be an ability to (in the interface, without code) :

_ _ 1. move the Parameters between the Groups(tabs),
_ _ 2. create new Groups and TabGroups (automatically remove empty ones),
_ _ 3. move the Groups between the TabGroups,
_ _ 4. and move the Groups between the Panels and (not necessary) float them ;,

_ _ and :

_ _ 5. Make the toolbar panel -- customizable with the Groups, or under it, add an additional one for them ;

_ _ (the Groups can also be fold-able to icons, alike in Photoshop)

3. Palette

_ _ Amount of pallete items are limited and small, and they require 2 clicks to select (should be as in Clip Studio Paint (with additional context menu item to select secondary color), the History isn't the solution)

4. Computer mouse

_ _ 1. zoom targets center of screen, zoom-to-cursor is much more ergonomic and helpful .
_ _ 2. If you keep zoom -- a default scroll wheel action (thats good), then `shft + wheel` should be a horizontal canvas-scrolling and `ctrl + wheel` -- a vertical one (interface size doesn't need a such accessible shortcut) .
_ _ 3. Mouse wheel and #4 and #5 mouse buttons can't be assigned to commands .
_ _ 4. Personally i think it would be better to keep everything re-assignable (the wheel, interface size, scrolling, ..)

# p.s.

I like pretty much the every other aspect of the program .

Thanks for attention .

Re: Interface and PC accessibility and ergonomics

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2019, 09:48
by u2bleank
Okay, I'm writing all this down ;)