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Clone Stamp Color source

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2017, 04:42
by jaycephus
I'd like to see a clone stamp, but like most things in Black Ink, something a little different... Not as a brush type, but as a color-source type. So like in PS and others, you specify an area (and possibly a layer, so that the source is specific to what is on that layer, and then you can clone it around the current layer, but still using the various modifiers of the current brush.

Basically no different from using an image as a color source, but in this case, the 'image' is the offset coordinates from where you are painting currently (possibly from a single specified layer not just the cumulative layers currently visible).

If you go to a lot of trouble of outputting the current image and then bring that back in as an image source for the color input, and then continually reposition it in lieu of Control-clicking like you do in PS, then you can do it currently in Black Ink, but you may also have to repeatedly save out the current image and re-select it as your new image source to get the same functionality. Easier if we could just control-click on the image.

Re: Clone Stamp Color source

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2017, 10:58
by u2bleank
hum nice idea ( we already thought about such thing anyway ;) )
+1 for the request

Re: Clone Stamp Color source

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2017, 18:30
by jaycephus
Awesome. I'm glad you already thought of it, too.

I would really love to be able to "clone-stamp" as a color source. Then you can use the same brush you used to image-clone to then pull the cloned-colors around on the image. Or a combination of various brushes to do that.

Re: Clone Stamp Color source

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2017, 03:59
by jaycephus
BTW, as a cheap but powerful Photoshop alternative for pre and post image manipulation to go along with Black Ink, people should check out It's actually been reviewed as superior in some features, but it's only $49. It has the ability to clone stamp or heal from specified image sources, and gives an indication of where it just cloned at. It's also apparently a sharper Liquid edit, too. I'm getting it tonight and will try it out some.