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Shapes tool and Paths

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2016, 03:14
by dkarn
These two can go together

basically you would have a tool that can make shapes just put the number of sides in for equilateral triangle square pentagon hexagon etc. with an option for either fill or traced and the possibility to make custom shapes to reuse later

and a path tool you could make and alter lines for the program to trace along with. could be drawn in or placed as a shape and then move and altered with the transform tool or moved by points like a piece of spaghetti. Use a brush or something to denote amount of pressure tilt etc (honestly this could have as many control options as the brush does in the program) then hit done and the computer adds the line. could be useful for those that lack a tablet and still want to play around with Black Ink

Re: Shapes tool and Paths

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2016, 08:49
by bonnie
Thank you for your suggestions
I add them in our suggestion's list ;)