"Draw shape" feature?

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"Draw shape" feature?

Postby pozdn9k » 04 Sep 2013, 16:01

Hello there.

In another topic there's mentioned a feature of pulling vector shapes from files.
What I wanted is to suggest is a special brush or brush mode to actually draw shape as we do in vector applications with tool commonly named as "pencil". What it does is dynamically creating and filling a shape, followed by the mouse stroke, from starting point of drawing to the current position of cursor until the pen is up.

The process I'm describing is better seen in this video, for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DknHlsRioNY (lower the volume)
It also features pulling random shapes.
You can try it on your own with that Alchemy program by downloading it here http://al.chemy.org/download/ (it's free and open-source). IT'S NOT A SPAM. This link is mostly for developers from Bleank so they can clearly understand what I'm suggesting. Sorry if posting links is forbidden (who needsreads the rules anyway, lol).
I'm always using that method of drawing (with transparency, of course) to sketch.

But why don't I use it furthermore? Alchemy wasn't updated for a very long time and lacks such basic features as Pan view, Zooming, Undo and many more. Black Ink is aimed for experimental, chaotic drawing too and it does it's job much better. Why don't I use any other vector application to achieve the same results? Vectors tend to lag when a lot of shapes is drawn. Also Alchemy features Mirror drawing and affecting shapes in random ways, which most vector programs can't do.
Also, if that shape drawing could be affected by Black Ink's controllers, that would help generate even more random and chaotic art.

So yeah, I hope this is possible to implement. Perhaps as a drawing mode. In "linear" mode you draw like you usually do and cursor has a default round size-dependent shape. In "shape" mode you create shapes and cursor becomes a cross-hair for better accuracy. And it all can be affected by controllers, I guess. A switch button could be placed in the top menu, near the "Show" panel but as a separate button.

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Re: "Draw shape" feature?

Postby bonnie » 04 Sep 2013, 21:03


No problem to speak about other features in other softwares, you will not banned don’t worry! :)

So here we know very well Alchemy.
The tool used to draw and fill shape in realtime is one of my favorite in Alchemy.
I already put it in our todo list with some upgrades.

Thanks for your advices we will see that!


Ps : I have updated this list with your request

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Re: "Draw shape" feature?

Postby pozdn9k » 05 Sep 2013, 07:12

I was only worried about posting external links - in most forums it's forbidden or very limited. Thanks for understanding)

Very glad to hear you're going to implement it! Looking forward for future updates ^_^
Thank you for making Black Ink! \o/

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