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Black Ink search results

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2015, 03:00
by maninmachine
Just some info coming from my localization....

When I google "Black Ink" the first page gives: several hits for Black Ink Crew (obnoxious reality tv?), a hit for a local tattoo parlor, a crossword app, stationery and gifts, and adds for local printing, Dell, and Walmart. At the bottom of page two there's a link to the Steam Community page, then nothing after checking several pages.

"BlackInk" gives two hits at the bottom of page one, one on four, then nothing

"Bleank" gives several hits in the first two pages, many of which are for Black Ink

"Black Ink Bleank" or "BlackInk Bleank" seems to give the best results - maybe "Black Ink Bleank -tattoo -crew" ;)

"Black Ink Art" gives a couple early hits

"Black Ink art program" gives several scattered hits

concerns related to seo: confusion over Black Ink as one or two words, Black Ink Crew :sad:, tattoos, other art made with black ink (medium instead of program)

Re: Black Ink search results

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2015, 08:28
by u2bleank
Thanks for the infos.
Black Ink Crew ( TV has been released nearly at the same time of Black Ink ) and we can't compete with a running show ;)

Anyway from where we are ( in France ) we doesn't have same results as yours. But it also probably because goolge personalize a lot their results.
So we have work to do for a better referencing :learn: