Streamer friendly 1 line pop/up/What did I just press?

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Streamer friendly 1 line pop/up/What did I just press?

Postby xurugatu » 22 Aug 2015, 14:03

Ok so forgive me if this is already in here somehow.

TLDR: Want a visible, configurable feature to show easily what I am currently doing - Useful for streaming/video recording etc. Would also help learning a bit. Also I think this would be good idea. Yes? No? Yes.
I am fooling around, and pressing the buttons as a professional, not knowing what key does what, so I can figure out what key does what. Right? ok good. So this is really cool, I learn what happens.
But I don't receive any confirmation on what i pressed is really what i pressed, until i do anything. And sometimes then, i dont actually immidiately know what i just did. But ok so then i realize what i did.
But I believe this can be better.

I would like it to be a configureable placement, opacity, to be locked in the interface or not. Someplace I can see it :D

Great program.

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