A few questions before buying.

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A few questions before buying.

Postby gdi » 04 Feb 2015, 21:46

I'm interested in buying Black Ink but I have a few questions. First, is there a secure way to buy the program other than using Steam? I don't want to use Steam as I'm leery of tying my access to Black Ink to another program, and I don't want to give my personal details out over an unencrypted web connection (i.e., your website). Full checkout with Paypal maybe?

Second, is there any way to customize the hotkey bindings and other aspects of the interface? For example, in trying the demo I found that panning/zooming still happens even if the stylus is merely hovering above the tablet rather than actually making contact with the surface. I find this behavior very annoying, and an option to change the distance threshold (including setting it to 0) would be welcome. Another useful option would be the ability to change the zoom axis from horizontal to vertical. Even if you just exposed options like this in an .ini file (rather than bothering to build a gui for them) it would be very helpful.

I really want to use the program as I love the focus on deep customization of the brush functionality, but I wish that philosophy extended to the interface as well. Given the choice between two applications, I will always choose the one with the inferior feature set if it has superior customizability.

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Re: A few questions before buying.

Postby bonnie » 05 Feb 2015, 14:24

Yes, we use Paypal for payments on our website and we don't keep any payment data.

For your second question, it will come with Shortcuts customization (I added +1 point to the feature in our priority list).
You can see upcoming features here


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