Losing Sharpness when Ctrl+Z

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Losing Sharpness when Ctrl+Z

Postby kal » 28 Dec 2014, 16:31

Sorry I don't really know how to phrase this query properly so I can't really search for it but essentially when you draw a line in Black Ink it has a certain roughness to it that I quite like, however when you use crt+z (Undo) and I assume some other operations it applies a blurring/AA effect. Is there any way to turn this off and if not would it be possible to make it an option that can be turned on/off?

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Re: Losing Sharpness when Ctrl+Z

Postby u2bleank » 29 Dec 2014, 11:28

it's "normal"
Some explanations :
Because Black Ink use a lot of cache when you draw especially when you didn't transform your canvas ( with a pan/zoom or an Undo/Redo ) and also because it's not a Vector but a Rasterizer graphic program
All you see is pixel perfect. But when a full update of the view is required Black Ink use mip version of the image and then a little blur can occur due the nonalignment of pixel between the canvas and the View.

It's a little technical and I hope you understand.. ;)
Anyway don't worry because this little "blur" effect isn't present when your save or export your final picture.

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