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activation problem

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 13:59
by mir
Hello everyone

I am a little bit confused. I purchased Black Ink via Steam back in 2013 and i have just today made an account on Bleank website and forums. In my account details, i have seen some product/license part where I assume my BlackInk's license details should be there.

I have tried to look everywhere on the website but unfortunately i couldn't find anywhere to "activate" on my Bleank account.

maybe I am just confused. I have no idea how this works. Do I even need to activate anything here to get full use of Bleank website/forums?

So tl;dr - if it matters at all; how can I activate my Black Ink on my Bleank website account?

thanks for the great program! i can't wait to share my work, give feedback regarding BlackInk and see some cool stuff done by others! :learn:

Re: activation problem

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 14:06
by u2bleank
mir : there is not automatic process for that. The purchase from Steam isn't connected with the one made on our website.
Anyway drop us an email at with your steam ID and explain the details ;)

Re: activation problem

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 14:27
by mir
Okay, I will.

Thanks for the quick response!