Layers and tracing

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Layers and tracing

Postby mustanglou » 16 Jan 2020, 06:26

Could really use some help. I'm importing a picture through import object. Then clicking on create new layer so I now have a layer stack, under it it says layer stack one and under that it says layer 3. If I click on layer 3 and attempt to draw nothing shows up. If I click Layer stack one I can now see my lines on the image I'm tracing but their not showing on the Layer 3 which is below it. How to I trace an image without drawing on the image itself but getting it to appear on a blank layer so I can later discard the image?

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Re: Layers and tracing

Postby bonnie » 17 Jan 2020, 14:53

I am going to do a video tutorial but you can have a look on this link :
- How to use your layer stack
- Create and connect a new floating node

To import an image into your drawing you need to create layer
If you created a floating layer insert it into your layer stack like this example and select your layer


After that drag & drop your image into your canvas and place it with the blending you want.


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