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Active stylus on windows tablets / Windows 10 Ink support

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2018, 19:10
by zek
Hello everyone,

I have recently acquired an HP Pavilion 14-ba100 x360 Convertible PC on which I wanted to draw with my "HP Pen" active stylus.
Black Ink doesnt detect pressure input, although windows ink workspace does.
Ive downloaded and installed the "HP Pen Control" but it doesnt help.
Please help me with this, drawing was one of my biggest motivations in buying this laptop.
If you need any info like OS or debugging stuff, just reply and i will try to provide.


Best regards, Zek

Re: Active stylus on windows tablets / Windows 10 Ink suppor

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018, 08:43
by u2bleank
Hi zek,

You need Wintab Driver for the pressure detection with Black Ink.
Try to have a look on this thread for that because I didn't found anything dedicated from HP

Re: Active stylus on windows tablets / Windows 10 Ink suppor

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2018, 03:07
by zek
So here I am again. Thanks a lot for your previous reply, it solved the problem. (Better late than never i guess)
With newfound motiation for drawing stuff after a long break due to uni and personal problems, I find myself stumbling into yet another issue.

Almost every time I place a stroke, the stroke starts a wee bit too late. When making the short really tiny, it isnt executed at all. Instead, an expanding "click" circle is displayed, with it probably saying "hey, this person tried to click, but they wiggled their stylus by accident. lets have them click instead of doing what they actually did."

Im using the driver you supplied me with, and I was wondering whether there way any way to config this driver.
I read that someone had the same issue with a wacom tablet and they fixed it by adjusting "double click tolerance radius" to zero.

This, once again, doesnt happen in windows ink. I've tried a fix for a recent windows ink issue where the pen scrolled instead of drawing, because i thought maybe "legacy pen behaviour" would fix my issue too. Needless to say, it didnt.

This is an example in black ink

This is in windows ink sketchpad.

Note how I paid attention to placing the pen exactly onto the vertical line with each horizontal stroke to the right.
I dont have the issue with gimp 2.

On another note: Whats the development status on Black Ink? I havent seen an update in more than a year. Whats going on? If there is a lengthy explanation on this somewhere, please link it to me.

What and whenever your reply may be, I wish you a happy new year and happy holidays.


Re: Active stylus on windows tablets / Windows 10 Ink suppor

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2019, 18:11
by u2bleank
Hi Zek,

I know an issue for that with Wacom driver ( you have to add Black Ink like in this picture : Image

Unfortunately I don't know how to handle such thing with your convertible PC.
In fact windows try to simulate a Right Click or a special action before sending stylus data to Black Ink.
Perhaps try to have a look on this page for more info about this subject for HP Pen.

The development on Black Ink is still going on even if sometimes some feature took more time than anticipated.. :cry:
We are working on a new layer composition system.
I hope you will like it.. :redface: