Surface Book and Eraser + other small issues

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Surface Book and Eraser + other small issues

Postby shinkamui » 02 Jun 2016, 06:45

Surfacebook owner here. Picked up Black Ink on steam finally after seeing some of the really awesome variety of art your users were making. Found that i was having some problems right off the bat.
1. Screen resolution issue - i know its a known issue and the dll workaround worked fine for me.
2. DirectX problems in slate mode - Seems that the intel drivers really dont work without flashing the interface badly black and white repeatedly when not using the nvidia card in the base. No good workaround, but DX9 is the most "stable" in this case.
3. The eraser on the pen is recognized nicely, but any touch erases from the top left corner to the point of impact - Can't really use the eraser on the pen directly because it erases everything brush sized in a straight line from the upper left corner of the screen to the spot the eraser is first touched to the screen. From there it works normally. This behavior is not repeated with the stylus side (possibly because at impact there is virtually no pressure?), so the workarounds right now are to adjust the eraser to only softly erase and then scrub the marks I want gone for a while, or use the erase button on the toolbar.

If you can do something about #3 in an update soon that would be awesome, its the only thing I can't really deal with here. I can provide video and images of the problems if needed. App is coming along great, glad I joined the community!


oh, system is the SurfaceBook 8gb 256/dgpu, running windows 10 insider preview fast ring, I have the latest 64bit wintab drivers installed from microsoft. I upgraded to the latest DP from the normal 10 release in hopes that an update to the stylus or firmware would fix the pen, and the intel gpu problems might also be fixed in an early release driver, but no dice.

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Re: Surface Book and Eraser + other small issues

Postby u2bleank » 02 Jun 2016, 07:46

Many thanks for this good report :)
For the moment we still implement new features for Black Ink but before releasing the next update we will put our hand on a SurfaceBook and try to fix your problems.

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