Microsoft Surface RT?

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Microsoft Surface RT?

Postby generlace » 07 Sep 2013, 05:00

Im thinking about purchasing Black Ink, but the 2 computer authorization has me hesitant. Especially because i plan on purchasing through Steam. I saw in one of your videos, the Summer 2013 one, the demonstrator was using a microsoft surface tablet. Was he using the pro or the RT. because an RT only costs 350 and would be a great drawing tablet and worth every penny. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Microsoft Surface RT?

Postby ben-o » 07 Sep 2013, 14:02


First, here's two important things to know about licenses:
- The two initial activations are not the limit, you can ask more of them later if you need.
- And this does not apply to the Steam version. When you purchase on Steam, Black Ink will work like any other Steam product and you'll be able to install and authorize it on as many computer as you want with your account.

Now that is cleared up, what you saw in the video was a surface pro. Black Ink doesn't run as smoothly as on a classic computer but is still nice to use. The RT on the other hand definitely does not support Black Ink's computing needs, don't expect using it on this one.

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