ABout the new Layer feature!

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ABout the new Layer feature!

Postby jakthreepixels » 18 Aug 2013, 12:02


I'm using the layer feature! it's great!

LIke to comment the possible missing of a common helper:

+ Duplicate Layer (pretty useful to save work) :relief:

It's is possible to just load an image on a layer? For rotoscopic purposes.
Not just the blend brush "trick", I mean the real thing- :desire:

Congrats for your SigGraph 2013 show!
:bye: :up:
Best regards!

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Re: ABout the new Layer feature!

Postby bonnie » 19 Aug 2013, 16:54

Hi Jak!
Great to hear from you!

Actually it is the first version with layers, all features you described will be in Black Ink:
- merge all/selected layers,
- duplicate layer,
- import image as layer,
- layer transformation: displacement, flip, scale, …
- psd exporting/importing

This 2nd version is not our priority but with your asking it’s more important ˁᴖᴥᴖˀ
See you soon

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