Wacom tablet driver causing conflicts with BlackInk

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Wacom tablet driver causing conflicts with BlackInk

Postby orangebug » 05 Jun 2015, 02:57

This is more of an FYI to Bleank and BlackInk users who use Wacom tablets.

For awhile now I've been having a very annoying issue with certain programs on my computer not starting for the second time within the same login session. (yes, I realize that sentence doesn't make much sense)

Unfortunately, BlackInk was one of those programs. Here's what happens: If I launch the program for the first time after logging in, the program works flawlessly. Once I've closed the program (without logging out of the computer) and launched it again, the blackink.exe process appears in the task manager, uses some RAM and CPU, and does nothing else. No window opens, nothing at all. If I try to run BlackInk a second time while the first one is running, I end up with 2 blackink.exe processes in my task manager using a little bit of RAM and CPU.

Unfortunately I'm unable to send any useful .log files, because as far as BlackInk was concerned, it thinks it was running properly.

I finally managed to narrow down the problem to 1 process, that if I stop, will cause the affected programs to work properly. In fact, if the affected program was running while I ended the problem process, that program window will immediately open. Unfortunately, the problem process is Pen_Tablet.exe the Wacom Tablet driver. Which essentially makes BlackInk incompatible with my Wacom Tablet (which was one of the reasons I bought one of the new Intous5 tablets to replace my Graphire). At least, that is, whenever I use BlackInk for the second time.

I just submitted a ticket to Wacom about this issue, though I'm not hopeful. There is a fairly well documented issue with Wacom drivers and the game "Burnout: Paradise City", that caused the game to not run at all. And Wacom's response was essentially: "Not our problem".

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Re: Wacom tablet driver causing conflicts with BlackInk

Postby u2bleank » 05 Jun 2015, 07:56

Black Ink stall probably when he try to contact the Tablet Driver..
To be sure : remake the process and Kill BalckInk.exe from the Task manager. Then manually send us the log file ( the .dmp should not exist ).

After that I advise you to install the latest Wacom Driver after resetting all your Wacom settings.
After the reinstall Add Black Ink in the Wacom settings for the Grip Pen ( see how to add it from this video: https://vimeo.com/53535895 ).

I hope it will help :congratulation:

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