Is there a way to do selective painting or bucket painting ?

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Is there a way to do selective painting or bucket painting ?

Postby eksu » 22 Feb 2015, 20:30

Im trying to paint selected areas of my drawing instead of manually painting with the brush but
i don't know how.
Also where can i find the shortcuts ?Is there an eyedropper tool shortcut ?
Can i download other peoples brush ?

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Re: Is there a way to do selective painting or bucket painti

Postby tragicsaros » 23 Feb 2015, 00:16

there are a couple ways to do so. The way you are probably thinking of is to use the selection tool at the top. the symbol for the tool is a dotted outline of a shape (next to the transform tool). hovering over it will give you selection options, including select by shape and lasso. once it the tool is selected an orange dot will appear next to the symbol. You can now select the are you want to. Once you have selected the area, click on the selection symbol again, then the selection will be applied. You are now free to paint within the selected area or transform it. to deselect the area, just hover over the selection tool again and click "deselect".

I'm not sure if this classes as what you describe, but I find it a useful feature. after painting on a layer, locking it does not mean that you can no longer paint on it. If you select a layer that you have painted on, you can still add colour and shapes to it, but alpha channels will not change. So it is like selection, without going through the effort of selection the area you want to select. but note that this will only effect the layer you are painting on. If you try to do this with a different layer selected, then you will paint on the selected layer. (but that kind of goes without saying).

Hope this helped. And enjoy BlackInk. I know I am.

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