Black Ink 0.168.1749 is out

Announcements regarding release of BlackInk from Bleank
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Black Ink 0.168.1749 is out

Postby u2bleank » 11 Jun 2014, 16:32

The Version 0.168.1749 is now available here


List of changes :

  • N! Selection tools :
    • Create rectangle primitive.
    • Create ellipse primitive.
    • Tip : When you create a new primitive you can use shortcuts to choose an operation :
      • Use Shift+Click to add a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Alt+Click to subtract a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Shift+Alt+Click to keep only the intersection of the primitive with the selection.
    • Adjust last selection. Allows you to adjust the latest selection primitive to refine your selection instead of canceling and starting over.
  • N! Ctrl+C shortcut (copy selection from the current layer)
  • N! Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut (copy selection from all visible layers)
  • N! Ctrl+V shortcut (paste content of the Black Ink clipboard on the current layer)
  • N! Ctrl+X shortcut (cut the current selection)
  • N! Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut (select current layer’s opacity)
  • N! Ctrl+A shortcut (select all)
  • N! Ctrl+I shortcut (invert selection)
  • N! Ctrl+D shortcut (deselect all)
  • N! Ctrl+F4 Exit Black Ink
  • F! Losing DynamicsTextures on the canvas when resizing the Black Ink window in Direct3D 9.
  • F! Edition of double slider sometimes buggy when a value is entered in a numeric box (see ...
  • F! The Eraser side of stylus didn’t work.
  • F! Crash when saving with the transform tool active.
  • F! Wrong window size when windows taskbar is not positionned at the bottom of the screen (issue ... 266664854/).
  • F! Overwrite message displayed in all situation when using the Save As command (issue viewtopic.php?f=7&t=627&p=2602#p2602).
  • The brush cursor is thinner and uses an inverse color technique for better visualisation:
  • Transformation Editor update:
    • When transforming a layer the gizmo now surrounds only meaningful content and not necessarily the entire layer
    • It’s now possible to undo/redo with the transformation tool active (useful to compare original state and current transformation without exiting the mode).
    • You can now configure (in options) the alpha and the visibility of the handles and the frame of the transformation gizmo.
    • You can define a snap angle in the transformation parameters.
[*] It’s now possible to open .BKD directly from the windows explorer if you assign Black Ink to this file format.

Selection tool in action

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Re: Black Ink 0.168.1749 is out

Postby ale » 11 Jun 2014, 17:46

Wow, as soon as I posted asking for info about future update came this! Thank you! :D

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Re: Black Ink 0.168.1749 is out

Postby kingknop » 12 Jun 2014, 20:39

AAAAW YEAH update whoo :desire:
what are you working next?

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Re: Black Ink 0.168.1749 is out

Postby u2bleank » 13 Jun 2014, 13:28

we are working on Lasso, Polygonal & by Brush selection ( By Brush I mean you paint the selection as you paint to draw something in the canvas ) :p

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