BlackInk 0.81.1290 available

Announcements regarding release of BlackInk from Bleank
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BlackInk 0.81.1290 available

Postby u2bleank » 26 Sep 2012, 17:27

The Version 0.81.1290 is now available here

This is a maintenance release. No new feature here but we currently work on a controller system who will drive brush parameters.

list of changes :

  • F! Crash when opening the New.. dialog.
  • F! Crash when opening the Activate dialog.
  • F! Licence agreement not visibile in the installer in some region.
  • more tooltips infos has been added
  • DblClick on tool icon in the ToolBar reset the default value
  • The free rotation tool is smoother when moving at the center of the canvas
  • Click effect has been added when selecting a brush in the historic
  • Some parameter icons has been added
  • The Buy popup is displayed less frequently in trial version

latest blackink version

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Re: BlackInk 0.81.1290 available

Postby bonnie » 27 Sep 2012, 12:54

:devil: Next release with controllers to compose your own stroke behavior!


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