Black Ink 0.356.2642 is out

Announcements regarding release of BlackInk from Bleank
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Black Ink 0.356.2642 is out

Postby u2bleank » 01 Aug 2017, 14:44

The Version 0.356.2642 is out here


Changes in motion ( also covering previous updates ):

List of changes :

N! Native High DPI Screen display support.
Black Ink now automatically scale the user interface according to the OS settings.
The user can modify this scaling by clicking the the BI Logo on the top left of each window. The customised scaling will be saved by each individual Black Ink’s window
The Ctrl+Wheel and the Ctrl+Q shortcut are introduced to set the scaling


F! Some crash when saving a BKD
F! Some crash/Freeze when loading a lot of textures when opening the Brush Manager
F! Some crash when Changing a Shortcut after moving the focus to another panel of control.
F! Sometimes Black Ink suffers a severe hang/freeze when opening the Brush Manager
F! The Elastic Gizmo ( visible with some smoothness is set ) was not displayed
F! some layout problem when the Preference Keyboard Tab when stacked
F! Can’t DragDrop color from the Brush Preview color selector into preference
F! The command “Copy Merged” wrongly took invisible layers into the operation

Some shortcuts have been moved from the Global context to the Canvas View Context ( Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal and DrawsInCanvasView )

Better Eraser effect when using smudge brushes


You can now use the keyword “key” and “hold” in the Preference shortcut search bar.

When using the “Zoom in and out” command ( Hold Q shortcut ) the zoom is made from the cursor position instead of the centre of the View. Moreover when moving the cursor outside of the window the movement doesn’t stop.

Darker background for the BrushPreview editor to avoid confusion with the normal or secondary viewport
You can use Wheel to zoom on top of the rendering indicator.
BSL it’s now possible to use input modifier for BSL function like in this example
BSL the function matrix3FromRaw is now really available

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Re: Black Ink 0.356.2642 is out

Postby jimkricket » 01 Aug 2017, 20:03

It's so fun to see Black Ink with new additions, ever evolving!

Thanks again for your hard work Bleank!

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Re: Black Ink 0.356.2642 is out

Postby u2bleank » 03 Aug 2017, 16:24

Version 0.357.2643 hot fix
F! Rotation bug when using the Hold R shortcut in a Black Ink window with a scale different of 100%
F! When using the Hold+S or Hold+D to change the size or opacity of my current brush, the command releases after 1 seconds ( issue )

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