BlackInk 0.115.1500 is out

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BlackInk 0.115.1500 is out

Postby u2bleank » 29 May 2013, 14:43

The Version 0.115.1500 is now available here

This a bug-fixing version for emergency issues. Layer support is not yet released but is going very well and is prepared by the introduction of the new .BKD file format.

list of changes :

  • N! .BKD proprietary format for quick and complete picture save. Only available in the Full version.
  • F! Crash when loading a PNG without alpha channel.
  • F! Invalid saved PNG file when using the eraser ( see this thread for more infos )
  • F! Some flickering issues when moving the canvas.
  • F! Some blur appearing when de-zooming on a opened canvas
  • Overall rendering performance improvement when drawing & panning.


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