Black Ink 0.225.1998 is out

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Black Ink 0.225.1998 is out

Postby u2bleank » 13 May 2015, 10:12

The Version 0.225.1998 is now available here


List of changes :

  • N! Secondary Viewport. This panel displays another view of the canvas with the same drawing features and live editing.
  • N! U shortcut: toggle Secondary Viewport
  • N! Drawing view can be flipped horizontally(shortcut: F) or vertically (shortcut: G)
  • N! The brush size can be made constant in view space or in canvas space (toggle with: Y)
  • N! Preferences Panel ( can be accessed from Main Menu > Edit or Main Menu > Window)
    • Stylus Section : User can now monitor some parameters of their stylus.
      • A calibration process is accessible now if Black Ink doesn’t retrieve correct stylus position.
      • The Reset button sets the calibration values back to the driver’s default.
      • The Precise stylus calibration check box discards the tablet driver’s stylus position and relies on the system’s mouse position (less accurate)
    • GPU Section : User can choose a rendering API, a specific adapter and whether Black Ink should wait for the VSync of the monitor when rendering the user interface.
  • N! Log View panel. This panel displays logged information of Black Ink activity (shortcut: I) Image
  • N! Notification Bar : Warning and error messages are displayed on this bar if the Log panel isn’t visible. Image
  • F! Rendering artifacts on some brushes Image
  • F! Random crash when changing color after clicking the color button in parameter editor.
  • F! Crash when using the Transform tool on little canvas.
  • F! Crash when opening a grayscale JPEG image.
  • F! Using the second button on a stylus stops the stroke and the user can’t draw until he uses another tool
  • F! An error in color mode blending equation.
  • F! The lasso informations are now in canvas space. This enables the user to transform the view while retaining all lasso data.
  • F! Tool icons and brush favorites overlaps after a Black Ink Window resize Image
  • Color palette is now interpolated in gamma space instead of linear space for easier color picking. Image
  • The maximum zoom limit is now 6400% instead of 1600%
  • TestPanel 1 and TestPanel 2 have been removed.

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Re: Black Ink 0.225.1998 is out

Postby gomi » 15 May 2015, 18:54

I'm really excited for this update. I wasn't expecting such a versatile viewport, but I'm loving it. :congratulation:

Time to clock in those hours and have a blast! Thanks for all the hard work. \o/

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