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Feature list

Postby ben-o » 20 Jun 2014, 19:20

Here's the list of features currently available in Black Ink. To keep track of what to expect in next releases, please check our Upcoming Features post.

Full GPU rendering engine (canvas and user interface).
64bits per pixel and linear color space drawing engine.

Create, Delete, merge, arrange layers.
Blending modes (Normal, screen, multiply, difference, overlay, color burn, color dodge, color, soft light, hard light).
Fill layer with color.
Up to 8 simultaneous layers (for GPU compatibility).
Preserve transparency layer option.

Selection and transformation:
Elliptical and rectangular selection tools with add/remove selection modes.
Selection from layer’s alpha.
Transform selection/layer tool with interactive gizmo and numeric inputs.
Tile mode while in transform mode.
Copy, cut and paste content.

Normal, additive, subtractive and multiplicative painting modes.
Gradient editor.
Image-based color mode.
Realtime brush preview.
Automatic visual brush history when editing parameter.
Automatic Solid color history.
Favorite toolbar for colors, gradients and image-based sources.
Fast size and opacity press-and-hold shortcuts.
Erase with current brush function (hold ‘e’)
HLS adjustments for the current color with controllers support.
Canvas zoom, pan and rotation.

Jpg and png import on layer (with transparency).
Jpg and png export of the entire document or individual layers.
.Bkd proprietary format.

Brushes and controllers:
Node-based visual edition of brush parameters.
Access to tablet inputs through controllers (pressure, speed, azimuth, tilt, direction).
Float and Vector2 operations for controllers values.
Load and save of parameter’s controller branches.
Noise and random generators.
Brush saving as .bkbrush files.
Favorite brushes toolbar with keyboard shortcuts.

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