Cherry Blossom Branch Brush

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Cherry Blossom Branch Brush

Postby mttorley » 18 Sep 2013, 04:39

I need the help of the community here ( who here's not excited about all this?) I am creating a cherry blossom BRANCH brush. Honestly, I think this team effort might be a great tutorial for us all.

What I have so far:

Square Black
Size 0-18px
Rotation 45degrees

Canvas PosY[0..1]-->Sub(subtract 0.12)


What this does:
Creates a beautiful cherry blossom silhouette with rough edges (rotation) and thinner branches (in the vertical direction)

What this does not do:
Create ever thinning branches in the horizontal direction as well.
I would like to ADD the current SIZE controller with a function that generates a signal based on

LENGTH in the X(horizontal) direction
certainly something like this would require a Direction Signal clamped in the Horizontal somehow, and then SMOOTHED out over time?

Sure I could create TWO brushes that could create the same effect lickity split with some artistic talent, but who has time for talent? I promise to share what I learn on the forum if you , dear reader, do the same! :learn:
Current Status...
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Re: Cherry Blossom Branch Brush

Postby dekaku » 20 Sep 2013, 01:53

This problem could be solved rather easy, if we could easily split the length into length_x and length_y...

So far what I came up for the Size controller (based on your) was:

Length->Smooth->Div(A by 2)->Sub(1 minus B)->Min(Canvas Pos y[0..1,B])->Sub(A minus 0.12)->size

It is far from perfect as you are also limiting the height with this, and other things...

I will however try to somehow isolate the x-part of the length tomorrow... Should be something with sinus etc.
First attempt at limiting horizontal branches
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