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  • [Video] Beginner Guide
    Beginner Guide by Chritian Alder
  • [Video] First Steps Walkthrough
    First Steps Walkthrough made by ben-o
  • First Steps In Black Ink
    In this tutorial we are going to have our first look at Black Ink user interface and basics tools to make ourselves at home and start drawing right away !
  • Gradients basics
    As you already noticed the color tab in Black Ink offers three color types: Solid, Gradient and Image-Based. This tutorial will be about the second button, the gradient color.
  • Image-Based Color
    In other tutorials we saw how to select a simple color and how to define a gradient. Now it’s time to talk about the third color type available in Black Ink: the Image-Based Color.
  • Introduction To Controllers
    Introduction to the one of the most powerful tool in Black Ink: Controllers.
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